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Barn Theater

Montcalm Community College’s Barn Theater is home to the college’s music and drama classes, which regularly offer performances on the historic stage. In addition, a variety of special performances, including musicians and theatrical productions from outside the college, are offered throughout the year.


On Sept. 21, 1965, MCC purchased the E.V. Anderson farm for the campus site. For the first five years, the main Barn served only as a storage area, until an imaginative group headed by the college’s drama instructor (the late Vernon Blake) initiated a proposal to change the Barn into a theater.

The renovation of the Barn was completed by a number of area residents and students, funded by the MCC Board of Trustees and the Carson City Players. The Sheridan Big L Company (now Big L Lumber) contributed most of the materials for the new wing, which was added in 1973. In 1991 a heating and cooling system was installed, and the music and drama classes were moved there.

Many people seeing the Barn Theater for the first time are surprised to find that although it seats 120 people, and is equipped with a stage, sound and lighting booth, make-up room, and dressing room, it still has not lost its “country charm.” The Barn Theater was updated in 2007 to include more comfortable seating and enhanced production features.