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The Midnight Plan of the Repo Man, by W. Bruce Cannon


Most publishers and authors include reading guides or discussion questions for their readers. This book didn’t include either, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to talk about. In fact, there are many things to discuss.

Let's talk about


Human-Animal Relationships

  • Thoughts on animal understanding of the human world?
  • Thoughts about animals having emotions and complex thoughts?
  • Thoughts on humans and animals communicating with each other? (Be sure to watch Animal Communicator Leslie Cirinesi’s engaging One Book kickoff presentation on this topic.)


  • Thoughts on where we go after death?
  • Thoughts on the spirit world interacting with the physical world?
  • Thoughts based on faith beliefs or personal experiences?
  • Thoughts on being guided by a ghost or other unexplained phenomena?

Elements in this book

  • Thoughts on humor in literature? Favorite humorous titles?
  • Thoughts on mystery in literature? Favorite mystery titles?
  • Thoughts on adventure in literature? Favorite adventure titles?

Atypical heroes

  • Thoughts on connecting with heroes/protagonists in stories?
  • Are imperfect characters more relatable?
  • Why do we root for the underdog?
  • Favorite atypical heroes of fiction? (Darth Vader is an example of a character who clearly has evil/bad intent, is harmful to heroes, yet frequently appears on lists of favorite characters or favorite anti-heroes.)

Setting and People

  • Thoughts on reading a book set in Michigan?
  • Do the Michigan details ring true?
  • Do you enjoy reading a title with a familiar setting?
  • Why do some readers enjoy an unfamiliar or imaginary setting? (i.e., stories placed in areas of the world the reader hasn’t traveled to or has limited knowledge of OR fantasy/science fiction worlds)
  • One reviewer mentioned that the author stereotyped Midwesterners in this book, thoughts?


  • Thoughts on similar titles or authors who write in this style?

The End

  • Thoughts on the ending? Was it expected?
  • Was this a happy ending?
  • Should books have happy endings?
  • Do endings need to resolve every detail to be a satisfying read?

Not the End

  • The story continues with Repo Madness

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