Dean Gage, M.Ed., is an Early College instructor at Montcalm Community College who teaches economics, government and political science.  

“What is most fulfilling for me is to see students learning new things and watching them develop a thirst for lifelong learning,” he said. “I also enjoy helping students and watching them become better citizens.” 

Gage was born and raised in Saranac and graduated from high school there. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration, Social Studies and Business Education with secondary certification from Grand Valley State University. He also has a Master’s in Education from Ferris State University. 

Gage and his wife, Julie, have been married for 27 years. They have three grown children - Alicia, Jacob and Sydney; and three grandchildren - Huxley, Kade and Kinsley. They also have a dog named Sunny. 

Gage and his family enjoy camping at their seasonal lot at Coldwater Lake near Mt. Pleasant. They call their camper a rolling cottage. Gage also enjoys golfing, fishing, hiking, reading, cruising around in his boat and playing basketball. 

The person he admires most is MCC Emeritus Dean of Arts and Humanities Dr. Gary Hauck, who still teaches a variety of credit and noncredit courses at MCC. 

“He has been an incredible inspiration to me and has encouraged me to be the best person and teacher I can be,” Gage said. “He has done so much in terms of motivating me in my continual quest to grow and learn.” 

Gage believes his patience and his adaptability are the best skills he brings to his job.  

“I also allow my students to have their own voice,” he said. “My students are not going to think like me most of the time and I need to allow them to build upon their own values and beliefs rather than influence them to take my point of view.” 

Someday he would like to visit the Holy Land. He would like to explore the roots of his faith and the locations where events in Scripture took place. 

Here are some other fun facts about Dean: 

  • He has coached basketball for 24 years and currently coaches boys’ varsity basketball for Saranac. 
  • His first teaching job was teaching construction. 
  • He touched the shoulder of Magic Johnson as he was walking through the State Capitol. 
  • He sang in the choir that performed in the 1982 Lowell Showboat with quest star Pearl Bailey.
  • He plays the drums.