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International Students


Montcalm Community College (MCC) is located in rural mid-Michigan. We offer training programs, one-year certificate programs, two-year associate degrees and university transfer programs. MCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.


Our International Student Forms page will provide you with:
1.  The International Student Checklist outlining the steps required to be considered for enrollment at MCC.
2.  The International Application for Admission, required along with the regular Application for Admission.
3.  The International Student Verification Form for students wishing to transfer to MCC from another college or university.


Our Online Catalog provides all college procedures as well as program information.

arrival at College

After acceptance, when an International Student arrives in the United States, arrange an appointment with an Admissions Representative by calling 989-328-1277.

The student must bring their passport, I-94, and a student copy of the I-20.



MCC does not offer housing. Students must arrange for, and provide proof of, local housing. Options may be obtained from the local news or from local realtors.


Academic Counseling/AdvisingThe college academic counselor is one who helps the student develop his/her educational plan.Academic counselors/advisors are located in Student Success Center in the Donald C. Burns Administration/Library Building. The phone number is 989-328-1264.


Tutoring ServicesInternational students who plan to continue their education at another institution will need to meet with an academic counselor. Applications for other colleges and universities can be obtained from those college and university websites, along with guidelines for international students.


Banking and MoneyChecking accounts – can be opened locally. A checking account enables one to write checks against money deposited in the account.Money from home – Most banks can exchange foreign currency to American currency or vice-versa. Money can be sent from the home country in the form of a draft if it is payable in U.S. dollars. The sender can do this by making arrangements with the home country’s central or national bank.Other banking services – In addition, banks also provide inter-bank charge cards, installment and auto loans, safe deposit boxes, travelers’ checks, cashier checks, and other services.


Issuance of I-20 FormWhen all the required information has been received and evaluated, an approved I-20 form may be issued by Montcalm Community College. This is the necessary document required by immigration for a person to obtain a student visa. The student must present the I-20 form to the American Embassy Consulate Officer in his/her home country to apply for a student visa. If the applicant is denied admission, notification will be sent with an explanation.Any student wishing to leave the country must have the back of their I-20 endorsed by the Dean of Student & Enrollment Services BEFORE leaving. Students who do not follow this requirement will forfeit their enrollment at MCC. At least one week notice must be given for an endorsement.Detailed regulations are available at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS website.


TransportationInternational students should be aware that, with few exceptions, access to a personal auto is necessary. MCC is located in a very rural area with no public transportation.


Registration InformationAll students must be officially admitted to the college prior to registering for classes. International Students must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours each semester (excluding the summer session).Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and have successfully completed a course of study equivalent to that of a secondary school level. Applicants must submit official copies (in English) of all secondary and post-secondary academic work.Applicants must be proficient in written and spoken English before admission will be granted. An applicant must have a score of 526 (194 on computer-based test) or above on the TOEFL or a score of 80 or above in the Internet Based Test.Tuition and fees must be paid at the time of registration.Students must arrange for copies of their academic record. They must make a request in the Student Services department.Students should meet with a counselor or advisor for assistance with programs and course selection.Any changes in a student schedule MUST be approved by the Director of Recruitment, Enrollment and Outreach.


General Classroom ExpecationsClasses begin at the time specified in the schedule online. Students must arrive on time and remain for the entirety of each class session.Each course utilizes a syllabus which outlines course expectations, assignment schedule, and other class rules. It is important that students keep and use this syllabus as a guide to completing the course successfully.New and used books are available at the MCC Bookstore in the Activities Building and books must be purchased before classes begin.
Cheating and plagiarism are considered very serious offenses and may result in dismissal from the college.
Plagiarism is defined as using another’s work without giving credit to the creator. The results of such charges against students can lead to dismissal from the college and termination of the student visa. Whenever, or in whatever form, a student uses someone else’s work, the student must give proper credit to the other person(s). If a student is unfamiliar with the procedures for citing sources, they should speak with their instructor for assistance.Cheating is defined as “dishonesty by the student in class assignments, examinations, quizzes, and all other academic work."


Health InsuranceProof of Health Insurance is required each semester of an International Student’s enrollment at MCC. Options for International Students* include:
Compass Student Insurance
International Student Insurance
ISO Insurance
Visitors Insurance
*These are not endorsed by MCC but are provided as a service. Students must make a selection based on what is best for them after careful consideration.


Financial ResponsibilityApplicants must complete the financial statement on the international student application for admission, and submit official documents indicating the ability to cover all expenses for the entire stay in the United States. Documents typically include a current bank statement and letters from banks, agencies, sponsors or other official sources to verify the amount of funds to which the student has access. Evidence must also be provided for a deposit of at least $10,000 in a local bank or with the college, to cover tuition and fees for the first semester of attendance at MCC.Students whose tuition and fees will be paid by a sponsoring agency must also submit a letter of authorization from the agency for billing. International Students will pay the Out of State tuition rate.International students are expected to assume all of their financial obligations (tuition, fees, room, board, transportation, insurance, etc.) while they are attending Montcalm Community College. Students cannot expect to be employed in the U.S. to supplement their educational expenses.Montcalm Community College has no grants or loans available for international students. It is very important for the student, as well as the sponsor(s), to evaluate all their financial resources before applying for admission. Students must have enough money to provide for all their needs while attending MCC. Montcalm Community College must be satisfied that the student is financially secure before he/she is admitted.Note: There are certain countries that have placed limitations on the amount of money that may be forwarded to students in the United States. Before leaving your country, you should know the procedures of your government for forwarding money and the regulations that apply to you.

Estimated expenses per academic year:Tuition & Fees (1) $15,000Rent & Groceries (2) $1,300Books & Supplies $4,000Transportation (3) $6,000Miscellaneous $4,200Estimated cost per year $30,000

(1) Based on full-time enrollment of 30 credit hours per academic year.(2) This cost range estimate is based on modest, single accommodations in the college community, with the student preparing most meals at home. The college does not assist with, supervise, or provide student housing.(3) Based on private automobile plus gas and insurance.*Tuition rate subject to change upon action of the MCC Board of Trustees.

Dean of Students & Enrollment Services, Francisco Ramirez