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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

MCC honors Ryan Kieffer for his leadership

Montcalm Community College recently presented its 2022 Leadership Award to Sciences Lab Supervisor Ryan Kieffer of Sidney.

Kieffer joined MCC as a part-time lab supervisor in MCC’s science department in February 2015.  In 2017, he was hired as the full-time Lab Supervisor for Sciences. In addition to his Lab Supervisor role, Kieffer also is a part-time biology instructor. He holds degrees in secondary education and numerous certifications as a specialist in Microsoft Office.

MCC President Stacy H. Young, Ph.D., recognized Kieffer for his work.

“Ryan is highly respected by his peers and that is evident in some of the comments they made in the nominations they submitted,” Dr. Young said. “It always amazes me how it works out that our recipient is the perfect fit for what has been going on for the year. Ryan has been instrumental in relocating our classrooms and labs for the renovation of the Smith Building and the comments from his peers show their gratitude for his work.

“Ryan makes life easier for lots of people. He is always open to change and he embraces it,” she said of some of the comments she received. “When something needs to be done, he jumps in with a positive attitude and does it. He is pleasant, accommodating and respectful. He is a gem to MCC.

Another nomination stated, “Ryan Rocks. Back in 2020, he put together lab kits for online students for the very first time and helped get them out to students and has continued to perfect this process. He works with each instructor to get the ‘best’ kit possible and then uses technology to get students to sign up and pick them up.”

“Your peers and colleagues really appreciate you,” Dr. Young said.

“Working here is awesome,” Kieffer said. “Working with you has made my job very enjoyable.”

MCC’s Leadership Award was established in 2002. It recognizes a leader based on noteworthy work with, or on behalf of, MCC; leadership and professional achievement; and service to MCC. The recipient is nominated and chosen by his or her colleagues.