Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Nominate MCC for the SilverSneakers Program


SilverSneakers is a health and fitness program designed for adults 65+ that’s included with many Medicare Plans. Nominate MCC's Recreation and Fitness Center to become a SilverSneakers location and those ages 65+ with a Medicare plan can become members at our location for FREE! After MCC becomes an official SilverSneakers location, those with a SilverSneakers membership will be able to access to the gym, fitness center, pool and fitness classes at no cost.


To nominate MCC, click HERE. Be sure to enter this information in the required boxes:

Location Name: Montcalm Community College

Address: 2800 College Dr., Sidney, MI 48885

Location Phone: (989) 328-2111

Fitness Center Contact: John Davis

Title: Auxiliary Services Manager


Location Contact Phone: (989) 329-1259

Standard Membership Dues (Monthly): $35

Senior Membership Dues (Monthly): $25

Initiation Fee: 0

Annual Maintenance Fee: 0