Dual Enrollment students study

Academic Expectations & Integrity


If you are participating in the Dual Enrollment program you are a college student just like any other student at MCC. You will be held to the same standards and procedures as any MCC student, even if your class is taking place on a high school campus. When you make the decision to become a Dual Enrolled student, you are deciding to commit to your college academics. The grades you receive in these classes will permanently reside on your college transcripts and follow you to all higher-level institutions you attend in the future. 

attendance policyYour high school’s attendance policies and the colleges attendance policies are separate. Some of your college instructors may have strict attendance policies and others may be more lenient. Check your course syllabus for the attendance policy. There is a strong correlation between class attendance and grades. Do not let a lenient attendance policy fool you; information presented in class is important. Communicate with your instructor if you are going to be absent. 

School related absences“School related absences” are not applicable in your college courses. Check the course syllabus for the instructor’s policy on missing classes. Contact the instructor to let him or her know that you have a conflict that will affect your attendance. This is common courtesy and gives you a chance to ask them if and how you can make up the work you will be missing. The instructor does not have to make any special accommodation for you to miss a class, so do not be surprised if you miss points, cannot turn in an assignment late or make up a test.  

You are making choices about your time. Which is more important to you - making it to a high school function or doing well in a college class? Remember everything you do affects your permanent academic record. 

Late AssignmentsIt depends on your instructor’s policy on accepting late assignments. Make sure to check the syllabus and do not be surprised if the policy states, “no late assignments will be accepted.” Regardless of your reason for not turning in your work on time, you cannot appeal this policy.

Expectations from instructors

  • Attend every class session for the entire time.
  • Actively participate.
  • Ask questions.
  • Be prepared for tests and quizzes.
  • Read the textbook.
  • Do your homework even if you don’t have to turn it in.
  • Turn in assignments on time.
  • Take notes in class.
  • Talk to your instructor after class or during office hours.

Remember that the instructors want you to succeed and will do everything within their power to help you. You, too, must be willing to invest your time and energy into your courses.

Common mistakes

  • not attending class or quitting
  • assuming that missing classes due to high school obligations, like sporting events, is a valid excuse
  • not turning in assignments on time
  • not withdrawing from a class when necessary
  • not reading the textbook because the instructor doesn’t mention it during lectures
  • not asking for help when they need it (remember, academic assistance is free)

snow days/cancellationsIf you are taking a class at a high school campus and that high school closes the building, your college class will be canceled. If the high school has an in-service or early release day when students are not attending but the building is open, you are still required to attend your college class. If you take a college class outside of your high school, you are required to attend all scheduled class periods regardless of the schedule taking place at your high school.

If MCC has a snow day or the instructor cancels class, you are not required to attend class that day. In the event of any cancellation or missed class, always check your canvas site for instructions from your instructor.

Poor academic performanceIf you are struggling in a college class, please reach out to your high school counselor and MCC Recruitment Director so we can help you. Tutoring services are available free to all students for every class offered at MCC. Visit the Student Success Center or Writing Center on MCC’s Sidney campus to take advantage of these services.

cheating & plagiarismCheating and plagiarism of any kind is not tolerated at MCC. If you engage in either of these activities, you will be referred to the Dean of Students and could be dismissed from your classes and unable to return to MCC in the future.

Dean of Student & Enrollment Services, Francisco Ramirez
Taryn Muilenburg