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LLL was organized in 1998 to provide academic experiences for area seniors. Membership is open to those 18 years of age and older regardless of their formal education. The annual membership fee is $8. Members attend sessions for free. Non-members pay $2 per session.

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Friday, Sept. 13  

Lifelong Learners “Good Grief, Charlie Brown” presented by Maureen Burns and Deb Christensen

10 a.m. to noon in the Stanley & Blanche Ash Technology & Learning Center on MCC's Greenville campus


We live in a world with all kinds of loss happening around us. What do we say and do to help others as they grieve and go through hard times? How can we make it better?


Maureen Burns and Deb Christensen will share a wealth of ideas and thoughts to guide us during such challenging times. Together they bring deep, personal, spiritual and caring insights (and, of course, laughter) to aid in this process. They will point out how everyone grieves differently and guide us in bringing compassion when needed. Men and women of all ages will benefit from this program.


Burns is an author of six books, a weekly columnist and an international professional speaker. She has worked for years discussing this topic with insurance companies, hospitals, churches and suicide prevention groups.


Christensen is co-chair of the non-denominational Ministry of Consolation at St. Charles Church. She is inspiring as she brings her unique message by sharing loss from a mother’s perspective.

Friday, Sept. 27

Lifelong Learners Development “West Side Story” presented by Jeff Cook

10 a.m. to noon in the Stanley & Blanche Ash Technology & Learning Center on MCC's Greenville campus


Do you ever wonder how the West side of Greenville came about? Jeff Cook will share this fascinating story using entertaining tidbits, PowerPoint, design concepts and development ideas. Learn how Greenville moved from a focus on the rural/farmlands to a focus on retail along with the concept of becoming a bedroom community to Grand Rapids.


As a partner in Hathaway Properties, Cook was intimately involved in the planning and development of both the north and south sides of west M-57 in Greenville. From the initial development of the bowling alley and the Fisher Big Wheel store to the Meijer store and the residential neighborhoods to the south, he will bring this journey to life in a colorful, entertaining and extremely interesting way.


Cook currently serves as President of Southwestern Oil Company in Greenville and is a partner in Hathaway Properties. He has served as a Board member and President of the Board for United Memorial Hospital, the Greenville Chamber of Commerce and Michigan Oil and Gas Association. He is a 1977 graduate of Greenville Public Schools and he and his wife, Caroline, raised their two children in Greenville.

Friday, Oct. 11

Lifelong Learners Development “What’s so Great About the Great Lakes?” presented by Dr. Michael Stafford

10 a.m. to noon in the Stanley & Blanche Ash Technology & Learning Center on MCC's Greenville campus


Join Cranbrook Institute of Science Director and Freshwater Forum Founder Dr. Michael Stafford for a comprehensive overview of the Great Lakes. Learn about how the Great Lakes came to be, the environmental balance in which they function and how people have used and impacted the Lakes, both in the distant past and the present. Of special emphasis will be how human activities are impacting the Great Lakes in terms of their overall vitality and sustainability, as well as how changes in our daily decisions and actions will be necessary to keep the Great Lakes healthy for generations to come.


The Cranbrook Institute of Science founded the Freshwater Forum 10 years ago to educate the public and drive advocacy for the Great Lakes. Today, the Institute’s Freshwater Forum impacts more than 30,000 people statewide each year with intensive programming, water festivals and supporting resources. This illustrated lecture will offer a unique opportunity to deepen your personal knowledge about our planet’s largest freshwater resource and a true gem for our country and beyond.

Friday, Oct. 25

Lifelong Learners Development “Speaking on Silent Movies of the Silver Theater” presented by Keith Hudson

10 a.m. to noon in the Stanley & Blanche Ash Technology & Learning Center on MCC's Greenville campus


Keith Hudson will share slides and music from the Roaring 20’s. He has put together a delightful PowerPoint of 140 posters from the silent movies at the Greenville Silver Theater. He will also share tales of silent screen star, Genevieve Hamper, a Greenville native. History comes alive as he shares people and tidbits, emphasizing our local ties to this long ago entertainment. Hudson says, “This is my favorite program that I have ever done.” Sounds like LLL folks will enjoy it, too.


Hudson is a retired band and orchestra teacher from Greenville Public Schools. He is still an active performer with numerous groups. He manages the Flat River Big Band, directs the Danish Festival Band and is President of the Flat River Historical Society. He says, "I love everything about Greenville and its history. What a story we have to tell!”

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